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“Share my love and passion for dance.”

I empower couple and individuals to connect deeper or to reconnect with each other while demonstrating a strong foundation in partnership dancing.

I help build and enhance the mental, emotional, and physical connection through teaching social dancing.

Learning dance teaches the man to be more confident and secure, and the woman to be more playful, sexy, and flirtatious while trusting and following his lead.

Dance creates an energy of happiness amongst each other.

At Love at First dance, we will work one on one with you at your pace and comfort level while keeping you motivated.  We strive by keepingyour lessonsfun and tailored to everyone’s needs and ability.

Dance lessons can be arranged for individual private instruction, group classes, or semi-private classes or group of friends.

We differentiate ourselves from others in that we will work within your budget and time schedule, and offer a pay-as-you-go optionfor those who can’t commit to short term or long term individual dance programs. My dance instruction style sells it selves so you will never be given a contract. We focus on making you look, feel,and dance to the best of your individual abilities, which bring more confident and enjoyment to your life. 

I also provide in-home instruction and accommodate business owners, shift workers and travelers.

I have also worked with seniors, amputees, the blind, individuals with Downs syndrome and persons with special needs.

I am proud to say – most of my business comes from referrals from my clients.

Hazelyn Maria Partap

All my life I’ve been in the entertainment world of dance and music. I specialize in teaching Ballroom and Latin dances. For the past 20 years I combined my various passions such as dance, wellness, therapy, and healing into a unique personal development program. Not only am I an experienced professional dance instructor/teacher and dance partnership coach, and I am also the mother of 3 lovely boys.

I have helped thousands of couples and individuals to sustain healthy relationships with themselves and their partners.I’ve gained this expertise through many years of experience in creating strategies within the principles of partnership, dance movements and self-expression to guide my clients and their partners to dance in the comfort of their home or socially with grace and confidence, but most importantly to love and connect deeper with themselves, so to have the space for an expansive, fun, and fulfilling relationship/marriage.

My Unique Style

Our Unique Style

My unique teaching style and niche also comes from the passion that I hold in my heart to help my clients feel validated, seen, and worthy of all their desires, dreams, and aspirations.
I created my own methodology called “Love at First Dance- Partnership & Movement Therapy” to help with reenergizing your whole being, mind, body, and soul, and in soothing unpleasant experiences within you and your relationship.

What you will learn

It teaches you to become a strong, confident, leader or follower and to create a fun and fulfilling partnership in your relationship, you will also learn the importance of building a strong foundation, and how to develop deeper connections emotionally, physically and mentally with ease in a natural effective hands on (or hands on each other) environment, and without the hassle of rehearsing your relationship issues and problems, or feeling like you have to be born with it, or like you have to learn complicated unnatural steps or choreography, or feeling forced to have to go out to learn or to dance (no you don’t, you can learn, practice and dance in the comfort of your home, if it’s your preference), thus leading you to feeling discouraged and giving up on yourself and your relationship/marriage.

Why you will love it

The main reason you are going to love this is because I am straight to the point, and I am obsessed with my client’s results. You will become more aware of the depth of the problems and discover new ones that have been slowly but surely, sucking the life out of you and your relationship, and having personally spent thousands of hours listening to problems over and over again from people just like you, there is a constant pattern as to why you and your relationships are lacking emotional and physical intimacy now.

In a world full of people promising you everything and under delivering, my aim in this guide is to prove that I know what I am talking about and if you follow the steps then you too can make a radical shift in your current situation and get crystal clear on your next step.


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