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My experience as a certified dance instructor in Ballroom/Latin spans over fifteen years. I have thought in dance studios, dance venues, condominiumssocials-groups,corporate socialdance group and dance fitness groups, schools dance-programs, gyms cardio-danceclasses, seniors -dance and fitness classes and in home-private and semi-private lessons. I have entertained guest at conferences, weddings, parties, festivals, and many other special events.

I continuously attend all the local dance congresses and training workshops with champion trainers locally and from all over the world to ensure that my students get the best training ever and to keep current with the new styles in the dance world.

I grew up in an artistic home with two cultures. My father being from an Indian back ground and my mother being from a Latin back ground. At a very young age I was introduced to manystyles of dances. I also grew up learning to play musical instruments, singing and later perform with my family band thelatin style of music that was passed on from my mother’s culture for generations. I have since then choreograph the bands stage performances.

Idanced all my life but I got into teaching dance over 19 years ago because I needed a job that I enjoy and that can accommodate me with the time I needed to raise my 3 sons. I quickly realized that I absolutely love teaching, its rewards and my students. So I went on to becoming a certified Ballroom and Latin dance teacher with the Canadian Dance Sport Association in American and International style.

I have choreographed, trained, and performed at showcases with many of my students.Choreographed dances for countless wedding couples and have thought hundreds of couples and individuals to dance socially in partnership or by them self.

I particularly have a special interest in teaching couples to connect or to reconnect with each other and I‘ve developed the skills to do so using the art of dance from my many years of experience and working together with a relationship coach.

I also have a great passion in teaching children and teenagers the benefits of learning to dance in partnership and as an individual which boost their confident and helps them to feel and be more comfortable dealing with the opposite sex. I also take great pride in teaching mentally or physically challenged students.

I run a dance meetup group designed for Couples, and another designed for individuals, and another designed for children & teenagers, and another designed for special events& outings, workshops, and information seminars with guest relationship coaches.

It brings joy to my heart to see the happiness and smiles on my students faces as they transform into the best social dancer they can be and as they discover the emotional and physical pleasures of connection in learning to dance with me.

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Denise & Grant

In the relatively short time we have taken lessons with Maria., we have learned where we should look during partner dancing, forward and backward motion as opposed to side to side, 'quick quick slow' tempo of the steps, arm movement. we have also learned the Centre of energy using the whole body's energy. Also looking forward and keeping head up and body tall and upright to appear confident. Important for the upper body to remain directly above the hips while dancing. I would recommend Maria as a very knowledgeable and good instructor. She is passionate about teaching people to dance correctly.


I started to dance 2 years ago. I have been taking lessons with Maria for 1 and ½ years. I started to dance with coworkers as a social activity. As a result, I’ve found that: My fitness level and energy has increase. My posture has improved. I lost 10 pounds and My confidence level has improved. Maria is the third, and the best, dance instructor that I work with. She is Conscientious, Dedicated, She works on the basic skills and techniques and make sure that we have a good base and understanding of the music and the rhythm, She explains herself well and She is very friendly and you can see that she really enjoys dancing and teaching. I would recommend Maria to anybody that want to start learning Salsa, Bachata and other Latino dances.


I have been taking dance lessons with Maria for about 1 year and a half. I never really dance before and I never have been exposed to latin dances. It's been a wonderful discovery for me and I love dancing! Dancing is a very good challenge for me because I am dyslexic, I have difficulty with my coordination and my gait needs improvement. Maria is a very good dance teacher. She is dedicated, honest and very patient. She takes the time needed to help you improve. She is very keen that you have the basic skills and techniques before you try to learn elaborate steps, so you do not develop bad habits. She also teaches you how to be aware of the tempo of the music and how to follow it, which is very important. She always emphasised how important it is to count your steps and to pause on the "and" while you are dancing, which is key. She has a very keen eye to tell you what you need to correct or improve. She explains herself very well. On a personal note, Maria is very friendly, human, loving and caring person. She has a good sense of humor and is full of life and positivism. She is down to earth, simple and always available to everyone. Dancing has helped me immensely. It has improved my gait, my posture, my coordination and my well-being in general. It gave me as well a lot of confidence and brings me a lot of joy and pleasure. I feel so much younger when I dance.

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